Soundview – The Method

Soundview is a group consisting of The Martinez Brothers, Jesse Calosso and myself. Our first record is “The Method”, which is about our jam-session recording process, and is out now on Tuskegee. This record is dedicated to the memory of our friend, the legendary promoter Rob Fernandez, whose immeasurable influence in our city will be felt for years to come. He is the catalyst for this project coming together, introducing us at a gig almost 10 years ago. RIP to the King of NY.

The Method

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EU Tour Complete


It was an amazing trip, starting with a live set in Malta at Liquid Club. Then DJ sets in Berlin at Berghain for The Corner x Deconstruct nacht, and three more dates in three cities with Seth T: Labyrinth in Antwerp, Woodstock in Holland, and Red Zone in Pergugia, Italia. Now it’s time to hunker down in the lab to complete some projects and begin many new ones.

“I’ll Be There” – Chic

About a year ago at Butcha Sound, we recorded percussion by The Martinez Brothers for the new Chic project with the legend, Nile Rodgers. Out in March is their first single from the new album, “I’ll Be There.” This was made with an outtake from an original Chic Organization session. Hear clips of it, see Chic on Soul Train, and read more about this extremely special project on Nile’s blog:

Close The Circle

Why? Extremely Aggressive Cancer

909 vs Analog Filters Sample Pack


Download 909 vs. Analog Filters on Sounds To Sample

This sound set is a battle between the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine and some classic analog filters including a Moog Moogerfooger LPF, Sherman Filterbank 2 and the NIIO Analog Iotine Core.

Here the 909 is processed in a number of ways ranging from subtle to completely tore up. Toms turn into basslines, loops become bubbling percussion and hi hats get razor sharp.

Includes 513 one- shots of the entire kit ripped-up and mangled and 321 loops that contain combinations of soloed and grouped parts.

This Jeff Mills autographed Roland 909 drum machine gets a workout from one of New York’s finest up and coming producers in the game.

513 drum hits and 322 loops refined and processed using various analog filters such as the sherman filterbank and the classic moog filter, among others.

24bit quality suitable for techno and house in all its forms. tempos range from 123 to 133 bpm. 524MB unzipped, 431 zipped.

RA Review – Don’t Come Back Alive EP


Read the entire RA review HERE

The title track sets the tone, an austere hardware workout whose scything hi-hats and mucky clap and tom work aren’t exactly friendly on the ears. Rather than opting for the slow-burning dynamics often associated with warehouse techno, it’s surprisingly punchy and concise, packed with detail and thriving on quick textural changes that climb to fever pitch in the closing minute. The dub version, revelling in delay trails and gaseous soundscaping, is more satisfying still. Remixing the track under his Huren alias, Dave Foster (from the veteran techno trio Teste) takes things the other way: drier, loopier and a mite more obnoxious. The real highlight here is “Next Phase,” a slower, chunkier number, whose bright but tentative chords come as welcome relief, like feeble shafts of light piercing the darkness.

Don't Come Back Alive EP Artwork 600