New Release – RAREFORMS [Most Excellent Unltd.]


Lots of excitement over here as we announce Rareforms, out November on Most Excellent Unltd. Shout to my brother from another, Paul Raffaele, for putting this record together. I can’t think of a better home for this project than his label. Also to Dietrich Schoenemann on the mastering and cut; this is the best sounding vinyl version of anything to leave my studio, no kidding. Thanks everyone for listening. We put a ton of work into this release. Salute.


“Center Of The World” on Beating Heart compilation

From the ‘Beating Heart – Malawi’ album, available at

Each 1500 albums sold will feed a school of 500 children forever.

When Hugh Tracey (1903-1977) made 35,000 field recordings across Sub-Saharan Africa between the 1920s & 1970s, his intention was to reveal the beauty and complexity of the music to a world that saw little value in it. Building on Tracey’s vision, the income generated will be used to assist people in the areas where the music was originally recorded.

Premiere: Kate Simko & LEO “Tilted” (Troxler & Moffa Remix)

In a time where thousands of new tracks come out every day, it is refreshing to see someone approach electronic music from the perspective of a true orchestrator and composer; not many other collaborators send us a manuscript to accompany the remix parts. Props to Kate and her orchestra for their amazing work on the new album. Here’s a remix Seth and I did for the 12″.