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The first solo record from New York producer, studio boss and university professor Phil Moffa comes through Most Excellent Unltd. It’s the third release for the label since its launch almost a year ago, and for Moffa (who’s a regular contributor to RA’s tech section), it follows a handful of collaborations and one-off cuts over the past couple years. If Moffa and Most Excellent Unltd. aren’t yet on your radar, they should be with the release of this four-tracker.

Both “Elevation” and “ENO-UGH” are wonderfully atmospheric yet confidently insistent, each setting out on its path with a lone kick drum and warm, panoramic synth tones. “Elevation” grows continually denser, and there’s an edge-of-your-seat feeling as its percussion and synths build and then merge into silence before the late drop. “ENO-UGH” is a slower cut of immersive, ambient-ish techno. Here, sticking with just one kick and a few low beeps as propulsion, Moffa carves out deep and darkly reverberating spaces, then assembles a towering array of fluttery, emotionally charged synths.

Those two original tracks each come accompanied by a shorter version. As you might gather from the name, “Elevation (Beats)” turns up the drums and lops off just about everything else. It exposes the gritty inner workings of Moffa’s sound, and it’s a nice little jam, though at barely three minutes long, it’s also kind of a tease. “ENO-UGH (Recital),” on the other hand, drops the percussion and drifts further into epic, windswept ambiance, completing with a flourish a very fine record from Moffa.

Published /
Sun / 17 Aug 2014
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Brian Kolada

New Release – Plan B Underground Sounds

Underground sounds 2

New record with my Plan B fam DJ Spider, Lola, & Hakim Murphy. A2. “Place Of Shadows”

909 vs Analog Filters Sample Pack


Download 909 vs. Analog Filters on Sounds To Sample

This sound set is a battle between the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine and some classic analog filters including a Moog Moogerfooger LPF, Sherman Filterbank 2 and the NIIO Analog Iotine Core.

Here the 909 is processed in a number of ways ranging from subtle to completely tore up. Toms turn into basslines, loops become bubbling percussion and hi hats get razor sharp.

Includes 513 one- shots of the entire kit ripped-up and mangled and 321 loops that contain combinations of soloed and grouped parts.

This Jeff Mills autographed Roland 909 drum machine gets a workout from one of New York’s finest up and coming producers in the game.

513 drum hits and 322 loops refined and processed using various analog filters such as the sherman filterbank and the classic moog filter, among others.

24bit quality suitable for techno and house in all its forms. tempos range from 123 to 133 bpm. 524MB unzipped, 431 zipped.