New Release – Mass Action


Mass Action is out in February on the UK imprint BleeD Music. This is a sick techno label out of London with killer artwork and releases. Very psyched to work with Volte Face and his label. A review in Mixmag:

Mixmag Review Decimation

New Release – RAREFORMS [Most Excellent Unltd.]


Lots of excitement over here as we announce Rareforms, out November on Most Excellent Unltd. Shout to my brother from another, Paul Raffaele, for putting this record together. I can’t think of a better home for this project than his label. Also to Dietrich Schoenemann on the mastering and cut; this is the best sounding vinyl version of anything to leave my studio, no kidding. Thanks everyone for listening. We put a ton of work into this release. Salute.