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I worked with Joel Thome and a new worldwide collective of artists to create the website It was Joel’s vision to bring together artists to present works focused on the themes of peace and sustainability, and to encourage collaboration. Please check it out. There are some wonderful pieces here.

This also is the release date for Joel’s album Celestial Visions, which uses exclusively #ASA space sounds as the instrumentation. It is featured in the site’s Music section. I acted as producer and performer on these pieces that he conceived and conducted. Mind-blowing material. You gotta hear it.

And for those of you that would like to contribute your own art, there is a submission tab, and we’d love to hear from you.

BSR-005 Cover_6

In 2014, Moog set up $100K worth of analog equipment in the Rough Trade record shop and allowed people to use the gear to create sounds. On the last day I showed up when the doors opened and recorded an hour’s worth of synthesizer gold. Album download includes a sample collection of 169 pre-chopped WAV files that include bleeps, bloops, growls, re-synthesized granular chords, and some percussion. I will email all supporters a zip file. These can be used with any sampler, but specifically there is an Octatrack set.

Live from Moog Sound Lab at Rough Trade NYC | Listen/Buy

>>> Raw_Samples … 120 raw sounds from the stack on the cover
>>> Scramular … 49 granular sampler interpretations of those sounds
>>> Sample_Chains … 32 single-cycle waveforms and 16 kicks

As always, Butcha Sound Records will donate a portion to arts education causes. This time, we give to Chicago-based AFRORACK. | IG: @afrorack | From their website: “AFRORACK™ is the audio arts organization with a goal of helping the community develop and thrive through technology resources. We are… more
released July 3, 2020

Performed, recorded, and mastered by Phil Moffa

Cover photo: Struan Oglanby
Cover Design: Aaron Gerhard Chiesa, Paul Rafaelle, and Phil Moffa

Special thanks: Main Drag Music, Rough Trade NYC, and Dr. Robert A. Moog.
all rights reserved

EP BSR004 – West Side Mind’s Eye

BSR 004 1000px

West Side Mind’s Eye – Listen/Buy

The second in a series of 5 EPs. A collection of some lo-fi jams I put together during various late nights at the apt in Hell’s Kitchen. These were recorded on 4-track cassette with a little post-production. Artwork collage is mine as well, some paper and glue on an LP jacket, comprised of various bits of my friends’ artwork that I’ve kept over the years.

releases May 5, 2020

Written, produced, and mastered by Phil Moffa
Spoken word on “Helluva Town” by Alex Falk
Artwork by Phil Moffa

Project consultants: Paul Raffaele & Ilan Natter

2 seconds of “Good Enough” tape crackle removal by Maniac


BSR-003 black

Gemsin the Garbage | Listen/Buy

When Armen was cleaning house to move out of his 30th Street synth repair shop, which was on the first floor of my old studio building, I was checkin’ the trash every day for the stuff he thought wasn’t worth bringing to the new spot. I scored dusty samplers, synths, and effects galore. Some things needed repair, others worked right away. Lots of the lead sounds on the EP were made with these gems.


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Friends, I am thrilled today to announce my new imprint, Butcha Sound Records, starting with two solo albums totaling 5 hours of ambient, abstract, and noise tracks. They will release on January 1st, 2020. The bandcamp page is up now for previewing and preordering. These albums will be available Digitally, 2xCD each, and photographic prints of the paintings on the covers by my friend and collaborator, Greg MacAvoy. I would be grateful for your support, but more importantly my intent is that these albums inspire you and manifest PEACE in your world.

A portion of proceeds from these albums and everything on Butcha Sound will go to arts education causes.

‘Meditations for Peace’ consists of 2.5 hours of ambient pieces intended to manifest peace in your life and the world around you. Tape experiments, keyboard improvisations, and forgotten studio dream-moments comprise the collection. I came up with the idea for this collection after getting home from the memorial held for David Mancuso on February 14th, 2017. I thought about his message, the therapeutic power of music, and bringing people together through sound and environment. I realized the importance of making and playing music with intent, and I was incredibly moved by what I experienced that night and at The Loft the few times that I’ve been. These songs serve as a focal point for your meditation practice or drifting off into the greater subconscious.

Artwork by Greg MacAvoy

Preorder now available

Formats: Digital, 4 x CD (2 per album), Photographic Prints

Label: Butcha Sound Records
Catalog#: [BSR-001]

‘Pieces For Painting’ – Speaking to my painter friends over the years helped me to realize this project. These are pieces I imagine would be interesting to have on in your art studio while you work. This includes 2.5 hours of equipment abuse and misuse, late-night journeys into the abyss, and the audio component of several art installations. They are a bit more atonal, weird, and dissonant than the companion album, Meditations For Peace. Zone out to it, create to it, imagine a twisted sci-fi movie in your head – it’s all good.

Special thanks to my visual artist collaborators and friends including Greg MacAvoy, Noah Post, Naoko Komori, Kardash Onnig, Aaron Gerhard Chiesa, WashMachine, Danny McCabe, Bonehawk, Jon Legere, Dan DeGloria, Joe Ferry, Scooter LaForge, Cernesto, Sek3, Spider, Paul Raffaele, Barbie Bertisch, Maria Chavez, The Josh Craig, and the Lost Souls of Saturn installation & creative team: Seth Troxler, Aaron Koolik, Marc Ippon de Ronda, Caroline Lefrere, Andrew Lochhead, Tom Hingston, Andrew Melchior, Mike Cridland, and Ed Cartwright.

Livicated to my students for keeping me young and inspired.

A portion of proceeds from this album and everything on Butcha Sound will go to arts education causes.

Formats: Digital, 4 x CD (2 per album), Photographic Prints

Label: Butcha Sound Records
Catalog#: [BSR-002]


Phil Moffa - 52nd Street Beat Tape Cover 2

New solo project alert! This Beat Tape represents a year of late night 4-track cassette joints I made in my living room in Hell’s K. I am personally attached to this block, building, and neighborhood through my family who have been in this town for generations. This is a bit different than the music you may know from me, with heavy doses of hip hop, experimental, ambient, house, and skits. Stream Side A now on the Most Excellent Unlimited bandcamp. Shout to Paul Raffaele for hearing it and having the vision for the tape. Peace.

* Release Date: October 16th, aka Cassette Store Day 2019 *

Screen shot 2019-09-24 at 5.05.48 PM

Screen shot 2019-09-24 at 5.05.41 PM

Screen shot 2019-09-24 at 5.05.32 PM

Screen shot 2019-09-24 at 5.05.26 PM

Photos: Barbie Bertisch