• Released: 01-01-2020
  • Format: 2xCD, Digital, Photographic Print
  • Label: Butcha Sound
  • Produced by: Phil Moffa

Speaking to my painter friends over the years helped me to realize this project. These are pieces I imagine would be interesting to have on in your art studio while you work. This includes 2.5 hours of equipment abuse and misuse, late-night journeys into the abyss, and the audio component of several art installations. They are a bit more atonal, weird, and dissonant than the companion album, ‘Meditations For Peace’. Zone out to it, paint to it, imagine a twisted sci-fi movie in your head – it’s all good.

Special thanks to my visual artist collaborators and friends including Greg MacAvoy, the Lost Souls of Saturn installation team (Seth Troxler, Aaron Koolik, Marc Ippon de Ronda, Caroline Lefrere, Andrew Lochhead, Tom Hingston, Andrew Melchior, and Ed Cartwright), Noah Post, Kardash Onnig, Sara Auster, WashMachine, Bonehawk, Jon Legere, Dan DeGloria, Scooter LaForge, Cernesto, Sek3, Paul Raffaele, Barbie Bertisch, Maria Chavez, and The Josh Craig.

A portion of proceeds from this album and everything on Butcha Sound will go to arts education causes.