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In 2014, Moog set up $100K worth of analog equipment in the Rough Trade record shop and allowed people to use the gear to create sounds. On the last day I showed up when the doors opened and recorded an hour’s worth of synthesizer gold. Album download includes a sample collection of 169 pre-chopped WAV files that include bleeps, bloops, growls, re-synthesized granular chords, and some percussion. I will email all supporters a zip file. These can be used with any sampler, but specifically there is an Octatrack set.

Live from Moog Sound Lab at Rough Trade NYC | Listen/Buy

>>> Raw_Samples … 120 raw sounds from the stack on the cover
>>> Scramular … 49 granular sampler interpretations of those sounds
>>> Sample_Chains … 32 single-cycle waveforms and 16 kicks

As always, Butcha Sound Records will donate a portion to arts education causes. This time, we give to Chicago-based AFRORACK. | IG: @afrorack | From their website: “AFRORACK™ is the audio arts organization with a goal of helping the community develop and thrive through technology resources. We are… more
released July 3, 2020

Performed, recorded, and mastered by Phil Moffa

Cover photo: Struan Oglanby
Cover Design: Aaron Gerhard Chiesa, Paul Rafaelle, and Phil Moffa

Special thanks: Main Drag Music, Rough Trade NYC, and Dr. Robert A. Moog.
all rights reserved