RA Review – Don’t Come Back Alive EP


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The title track sets the tone, an austere hardware workout whose scything hi-hats and mucky clap and tom work aren’t exactly friendly on the ears. Rather than opting for the slow-burning dynamics often associated with warehouse techno, it’s surprisingly punchy and concise, packed with detail and thriving on quick textural changes that climb to fever pitch in the closing minute. The dub version, revelling in delay trails and gaseous soundscaping, is more satisfying still. Remixing the track under his Huren alias, Dave Foster (from the veteran techno trio Teste) takes things the other way: drier, loopier and a mite more obnoxious. The real highlight here is “Next Phase,” a slower, chunkier number, whose bright but tentative chords come as welcome relief, like feeble shafts of light piercing the darkness.

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XLR8R Review – Next Phase


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Pulled from his recently released collaborative EP with fellow American producer/DJ Paul Raffaele, Phil Moffa has offered up “Next Phase,” his only solo contribution to the record. The tune is a stripped-back house cut in which booming kicks and playful claps serve as the anchor for Moffa’s dense, chorded synth work. “Next Phase” appears on the Don’t Come Back Alive EP (artwork above), along with a title track featuring Moffa and Raffaele working together and a remix from Canadian producer Huren.

Don’t Come Back Alive EP – Release Date: 4-13-13

Don't Come Back Alive EP Artwork 600

Phil Moffa & Paul Raffaele – Don’t Come Back Alive EP

Available now on Beatport and iTunes.
Back from where? From SX? From the techno lifestyle choice?  From life itself? Certainly no way back from life itself or a one way ticket to no one knows where!

And that’s the beauty of it, faith, hope and despair or complete disinterest, no one really knows the answer to that most primal of questions: who is Idol Hanse and why are they so weird?

Some, most?, are content Abletoning their way through life, trying to get a hit or two in here and there, flavor of the month, the plascticky typical laptop fodder – does it conjure a state of transcendental enlightenment / really urge your body to move in new and interesting ways? Maybe so…

Maybe this won’t at all! But actually lately it has been, and the deeply routed Neo Yorkian warehouse grooves contained here are straight from the heart and solely for the art, so take it as you will. Analog all the way (ok but digital from the 70s/80s doesn’t count!). 303s are like Les Pauls  – they never go out of style, let’s visit a more open and honest time with our future goggles on.

To further taunt and titillate the attention span, we have a cassette tape edit from the man behind Teste (anyone remember The Wipe?). Huren, aka Dave Foster, reminisces in his Port Hope cave while chunkily and viciously damaging the original content in some very anti-social but somehow funky ways. The end result is a piece of lost headspace perfect for the disenchanted youth of tomorrow.

Track 1. & 2. Written and produced by Phil Moffa & Paul Raffaele at Butcha Sound Studios, NYC.

Track 3. Written and produced by Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound Studios, NYC.

Mixed by Phil Moffa @ Butcha Sound Studios, NYC

4. Remixed my Mathilde Mallen aka Electric Mistress At Maison Du Mallen, Paris

Mastered by Milan @ Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Artwork by Uncle Matty, 1188 Studios, Toronto

International PR/press: lukas@fling.fm

copyright & publishing Idol Hanse 2013